Adriana Rebecca Uruena-Agnes

Adriana Rebecca Uruena-Agnes

Adriana Rebecca Uruena-Agnes
Coordinator of Undergraduate Affairs


Office: PCD 4133
Phone: 813/974-3187



Ph.D., University of South Florida Tampa

M.A., Indiana University Bloomington B.A., University of South Florida Tampa


Drugs and Behavior


Current research interests include utilizing the neuropsychopharmacology approach to elucidate the neural mechanisms and risk factors associated with the development, expression, and persistence of substance and polysubstance abuse.

Specialty Area

CNS (Neuroscience)

Recent Journal Articles

Badanich, K.A., Fakih, M.E., Gurina, T.S., Roy, E.K., Hoffman, J.L., Uruena-Agnes, A.R., Kirstein, CL. (2016). Reversal learning and experimenter-administered chronic intermittent ethanol exposure in male rats. Psychopharmacology, 233(19), 3615-3626. doi:10.1007/s00213-016-4395-6 PMID: 27518574

Honors and Award

Social and Behavioral Sciences and Human Services Featured Faculty

Eve Levine Graduate Student Teaching Award

Selected Publications

Uruena-Agnes, A. R (2017). SPC-USF Partner for Internship Program. Blue and White: St. Petersburg College.

Uruena-Agnes, A. R (2014). Developing an Animal Model of Polysubstance Abuse in Adolescence: The Role of NMDA Receptors in Alcohol/Cocaine Reward. Graduate Theses and Dissertations.