Christine  Salnaitis

Christine Salnaitis

Christine Salnaitis
Instructor ll


Office: DAV 115
Phone: 727/873-4484



Ph.D., Educational Psychology, University of Northern Colorado


Executive function; anxiety

Dr. Salnaitis’ research focuses on the effects of stress and anxiety on executive functioning on those undergoing a major life transition, such as first year students entering college. How does the stress response affect the development of the frontal lobe, an area considered to subserve executive functioning? Executive functioning is involved in goal-directed behavior, and the frontal lobe continues to develop well into the 20’s, leaving the possibility that stress, anxiety, and depression during the college transition could alter the developmental course of executive functioning.

Twitter: @csalnaitis

Selected Publications

Salnaitis, C. L., Baker, C. A., Holland, J., Welsh, M. C. (2011). Differentiating Tower of Hanoi performance: Interactive effects of psychopathic tendencies, impulsive response styles, and modality. Applied Neuropsychology, 18, 37-46.

*Adams, C. L., & Umbaugh, R. (January, 2009). Reaching undecided students through a first-year experience program. E-Source for College Transitions, 6, 7-8.

Dien, J., Franklin, M. S., Michelson, C. A., Lemen, L. C., Adams, C. L., Kiehl, K. A. (2008). fMRI characterization of the language formulation area. Brain Research, 1229, 179-192.

*Dr. Salnaitis has previously published under the name of Adams.