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David J. Drobes

David J. Drobes

David J. Drobes
Professor, Departments of Oncologic Sciences & Psychology
University of South Florida
  Associate Director, Tobacco Research and Intervention Program
Moffitt Cancer Center


Office: MDC 44(FOW-TRIP)
Phone: 813/745-1751
Fax: 813/745-1755



B.A., Psychology, 1984, State University of New York at Albany
M.S., Psychology, 1997, Purdue University
Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, 1993, Purdue University


Ph.D. Areas: Clinical


My research program encompasses a broad perspective towards addictive behaviors, with most work focused on nicotine/tobacco, alcohol, and interactions between tobacco and alcohol. I use primarily human laboratory paradigms to examine motivational features of addiction, incorporating psychophysiological, subjective, and behavioral/cognitive indices. Recent work has focused on effects of low nicotine cigarettes on smoking behavior, and use of low nicotine cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid. Other recent/current topics include (1) effects of nicotine on attentional cognitive processing, (2) behavioral genetic markers of tobacco addiction, and (3)cue-elicited craving and attentional biases among smokers.

Recent Publications

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