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David J. Drobes

David J. Drobes

David J. Drobes
Professor, Departments of Oncologic Sciences & Psychology
University of South Florida
  Associate Director, Tobacco Research and Intervention Program
Moffitt Cancer Center


Office: MDC 44(FOW-TRIP)
Phone: 813/745-1751
Fax: 813/745-1755



B.A., Psychology, 1984, State University of New York at Albany
M.S., Psychology, 1997, Purdue University
Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, 1993, Purdue University


Ph.D. Areas: Clinical


My research program encompasses a broad perspective towards addictive behaviors, with most work focused on nicotine/tobacco, alcohol, and interactions between tobacco and alcohol. I use primarily human laboratory paradigms to examine motivational features of addiction, incorporating psychophysiological, subjective, and behavioral/cognitive indices. Recent work has focused on cue-elicited craving among smokers and alcoholics, and attempts to manipulate cue reactivity using brief interventions. Other current topics include (1) behavioral genetic markers of tobacco addiction, (2) effects of nicotine on attentional cognitive processing, (3) comorbidity between addiction and psychopathology, and (4) the relationship between alcohol-related expectancies and cue reactivity.

Current Courses

RefCourseSecCourse TitleCRDayTimeLocation
82185PSY 4913002Directed Study
Permit Required, S-U Only

TBA 100

85082PSY 6917037Directed Research
Majors Only. S/U only.

TBA 100

93200PSY 6971040Thesis: Master's
Majors Only

TBA 100

95657PSY 7918021Directed Research
Majors Only. S/U only.

TBA 100

93211PSY 7980044Dissertation: Doctoral
Adm to Doc Candidacy Required. Majors Only.

TBA 100

Recent Publications

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