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Jennifer K Bosson

Jennifer K Bosson

Jennifer K Bosson
Associate Professor


Office: PCD 4128



Ph.D. in Social Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin, 2000


Research Interests
Self and identity; stereotypes; targets of stigma; social roles; coping; interpersonal relationships

Research Synopsis
My research addresses questions concerning the self and social functioning. In my ongoing work on identity misclassification, my students and I investigate the social-cognitive mechanisms that underlie rigid adherence to social role norms. This work demonstrates that behaviors relevant to people’s valued identities (e.g., gender, political orientation) often reflect powerful needs for interpersonal and intrapsychic harmony. In other lines of research, I study factors that promote interpersonal closeness, the links between self-esteem and interpersonal functioning, and the effects of different types of social feedback on people’s recovery from self-threats.

Specialty Area

CNS (Social Psychology)

Current Courses

RefCourseSecCourse TitleCRDayTimeLocation
86511PSY 4913018Directed Study
Permit Required, S-U Only
TBA 100
93423PSY 4974001Honors Psych Seminar Second
Students Admitted to PSY Honors Program Only Permit Required
PCD 2125
82396PSY 6917005Directed Research
Majors Only. S/U only.
TBA 100
85315PSY 6971005Thesis: Master's
Majors Only
TBA 100
81665PSY 7980005Dissertation: Doctoral
Adm to Doc Candidacy Required. Majors Only.
TBA 100