Kemesha  Gabbidon

Kemesha Gabbidon

Kemesha Gabbidon
Assistant Professor
  Starting January 2021


Office: DAV 119
Phone: 727/873-4263



Dr. Kemesha Gabbidon is a community health equity advocate. Her research interests include youth sexual health, health equity and intersectionality. She is an investigator with REACH Youth Center at USF St. Petersburg campus, which conducts research relevant for youth living with or at risk for HIV.

Gabbidon has published articles on culture and sexuality, HIV and health disparities. Her recent research is aimed at investigating intersectional stigma and how it affects HIV screening in Tampa Bay, for which she received a $70,000 Transformative Grant to implement a community program that works with individuals and communities most affected by HIV.

Gabbidon teaches undergraduate courses in health psychology, health disparities and critical issues in public health. She received the Office of Multicultural Affairs Outstanding Black Faculty/Staff Award, training through the Intersectional Qualitative Research Methods Institute and helped mentor psychology students at USF St. Petersburg campus. She is currently a guest editor at the Journal of Primary Prevention.


M.P.H. University of South Florida

Ph.D. Florida International University


Pediatric HIV, youth and women’s sexual and reproductive health, gynecological cancer prevention, health disparities research, and sexual decision making.

Dr. Gabbidon’s research investigates the socio-cultural contexts and psychosocial determinants influencing the sexual and gynecological health of largely underserved populations (socioeconomically disadvantaged, racial and ethnic minorities, and immigrants). Her research includes youth HIV/STI disease prevention, gynecological cancer prevention, health disparities, and sexual health decision making. Specifically, she utilizes qualitative and quantitative methods to examine the influence of these factors on youth HIV/STI risk behaviors and sexual decision making. Her research at USFSP will focus on the interplay of culture and psychosocial influences on the sexual development of adolescents and designing and implementing theoretically-sound and culturally appropriate interventions to prevent HIV and to improve sex-related communication within families and romantic partnerships.

Selected Publications

(*student authors)

Gabbidon, K., & Chenneville, T. (in press). Strategies to minimize further stigmatization of communities experiencing stigma: A guide for qualitative researchers. Stigma and Health.

Chenneville, T. & Gabbidon, K. (2020). The impact of HIV SEERs on HIV testing. Journal of Primary Prevention, 1-8.

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Gabbidon, K., Chenneville, *T., Peless, T., & *Sheared, S. (2020) Self-disclosure of HIV status among youth living with HIV: A global systematic review. AIDS and Behavior, 24(1), 114-14.

Chenneville, T., Gabbidon, K., *Drake, H., Rodriguez, C. (2019) Comparison of the utility of the PHQ and CES-D for depression screening among youth with HIV in an integrated care setting. Journal of Affective Disorders, 250, 140-144.

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