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Paul  Spector

Paul Spector

Paul Spector
Distinguished Professor


Office: PCD 4138
Phone: 813/974-0357



Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, University of South Florida, 1975.


I am interested in how organizational factors, work-nonwork interface, and personal characteristics interact to affect employee health, safety, and well-being. All of this fits into the newly emerging interdisciplinary field of occupational health psychology. My students, colleagues and I study counterproductive work behavior (things people do that harm coworkers and employers such as aggression and theft), interpersonal conflict, job attitudes, job stress, work-family conflict, and workplace violence. We also study how personality affects each of these areas. Finally, several of these areas have been studied internationally with a series of cross-cultural/cross-national studies.

Research Synopsis

We have several research thrusts going on at the current time.

1. Counterproductive work behavior: We are studying potential antecedents of these behaviors to better understand why they occur.

2. Workplace violence: We are studying how the climate of an organization contributes to violence.

3. Work-family conflict: We are studying cultural/country differences in the causes and consequences.

4. Job stress: We are studying cultural/country differences in workplace stress.

Specialty Area


Current Courses

RefCourseSecCourse TitleCRDayTimeLocation
15928PSY 4913016Directed Study
Permit Required. S/U Only.

TBA 100
16637PSY 4970004Honors Thesis

TBA 100
15053PSY 6917033Directed Research
Majors Only. S/U Only.

TBA 100
15100PSY 6971033Thesis: Master's
Majors Only

TBA 100
15211PSY 7918033Directed Research
Majors Only. S/U only.

TBA 100
15276PSY 7980033Dissertation: Doctoral
Adm to Doc Candidacy Required. Majors Only.

TBA 100

Recent Publications

All publications are listed in Dr. Spector's Curriculum Vitae.