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Vicky  Phares

Vicky Phares

Vicky Phares


Office: PCD 4125
Phone: 813/974-0493



Ph.D. Area: Clinical


My research group has explored a variety of issues related to child, adolescent, and family functioning. In particular, we have been interested in exploring the connections between psychopathology in fathers, mothers, and children. A focus of our work remains on gender in relation to parenting, with particular interest in parenting in relation to anxious youth. Projects include the exploration of fathers’ and mothers’ involvement in therapy, mother-blaming, and racial/ethnic differences and similarities in families. We are in the beginning stages of exploring connections between parents’ and children’s prosocial behavior, with a specific focus on volunteerism.

Specialty Area


Current Courses

RefCourseSecCourse TitleCRDayTimeLocation
55012PSY 6946007Clinical Practicum
Majors Only. S/U Only.

TBA 100
53609PSY 7980006Dissertation: Doctoral
Adm to Doc Candidacy required. Majors Only.

TBA 100
53933PSY 7980037Dissertation: Doctoral
Adm to Doc Candidacy required. Majors Only.

TBA 100

Recent Publications

(* student authors)

Wu*, M. S., McGuire*, J. F., Martino, C., Phares, V., Selles*, R. R., & Storch, E. A. (2016). A meta-analysis of family accommodation and OCD symptom severity. Clinical Psychology Review, 45, 34-44.

Wu*, M. S., Pinto, A., Horng, B., Phares, V., McGuire*, J. F., Dedrick, R. F., Van Noppen, B., Calvocoressi, L., & Storch, E. A. (2016). Psychometric properties of the Family Accommodation Scale for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – Patient Version. Psychological Assessment, 28, 251-262.

Thurston*, I. B., Phares, V., Coates*, E. E., & Bogart, L. M. (2015). Child problem recognition and help-seeking intentions among Black and White parents. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 44, 604-615.

Phares, V. (2014). Understanding Abnormal Child Psychology (3rd ed.) . Hoboken, NJ: Wiley & Sons.

Kramer, G. P., Bernstein, D. A., & Phares, V. (2014). Introduction to Clinical Psychology (8th ed.) . Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall.

Coates*, E., & Phares, V. (2014). Predictors of paternal involvement among nonresidential, Black fathers from low-income neighborhoods. Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 15, 138-151.

Kugler*, B. B., Lewin, A. B., Phares, V., Geffken, G., Murphy, T. K., & Storch, E. A. (2013). Quality of life in obsessive-compulsive disorder: The role of mediating variables. Psychiatry Research, 206, 43-49.