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CNS Faculty

Tampa Campus

* These faculty members are potentially accepting graduate students for Fall 2020

* Jennifer Bosson - self and identity, stereotypes, targets of stigma, gender, social roles
Judith Becker Bryant - language development, language socialization, gendered language
David Diamond - physiology of behavior, psychology of learning, neurobiology of memory, disturbance of brain and behavior by stress
* Chad Dubé - recognition memory, alpha oscillations in attention and memory, Signal Detection Theory and ROC analysis, visual working memory, inductive and deductive reasoning.
* Jamie Goldenberg - terror management theory, the body and sex, objectification of women, health applications
* Cheryl Kirstein - behavioral neuroscience, neural substrate of addiction
* Ken Malmberg- representations in memory, mathematical and computational modeling, aging and memory
* Tiina Ojanen - social development during middle childhood, adolescence, and college years
* Geoffrey Potts - executive systems and their involvement in personality and mental illness; Event-related potentials
Doug Rohrer - learning and memory
* Kristen Salomon - social health psychology, cardiovascular psychophysiology, stress and coping
* Tom Sanocki - visual cognition and attention, object and scene perception, top-down processing, aesthetics
* Sandra Schneider - judgment and decision making, framing, metacognition and task performance
* Elizabeth Schotter - eye movements & cognition; Language processing; visual processing; reading
* Toru Shimizu - comparative neuroscience, visual information processing, evolution of brain and cognition
* Joe Vandello (Area Director) - social and cultural psychology, cultural influences on violence

Courtesy Faculty

Harry Bahrick
Paula Bickford (Neurosurgery & Brain Repair)
Colin Park
Christine Ruva (Sarasota Campus)

Psychology Department Affiliated Faculty