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SafeAssign - An Automated Plagiarism Detection System

Set up a safe assignment in Blackboard

You can run the paper yourself, or you can have the student submit the paper. The actual check can take a long time (maybe hours) because the paper has to be checked against a VERY large database. When you receive the resulting report, it will probably be full of stuff that is innocuous (e.g., the reference section will be flagged - you might want the student to omit the title page and the reference section for the check). Print the report generated by SafeAssign, and include it with the paperwork where you checked the box.

Illustrated Instructions

How to set up SafeAssign in Blackboard:

How to read a SafeAssign report:

Detailed Instructions

Students submit papers to SafeAssign:
SafeAssign from IT Wiki

You submit student papers to SafeAssign:
SafeAssign DirectSubmit