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Open House Information

The Psychology Department hosts an annual Open House associated with graduate recruitment.

The Open House coordinator from each area will work with the department's Staff Assistants, Tasnim Mamun and Shae Krispinsky, to plan and organize the Open House events. In order to ensure efficiency for these events please note the following:

  • Tasnim Mamun, is the point of contact for CNS and I-O; Shae Krispinsky, is the point of contact for Clinical.
    • Coordination for each area should be made in conjunction with the appropriate Staff Assistant. This includes food orders, space reservations, and pre-planning before any spending takes place.
    • All receipts for reimbursement must be brought to Tasnim or Shae. Original receipts from all purchases must be submitted as soon as possible to start the reimbursement process.
  • When providing receipts, please fill out and include our departmental event receipt form available here. Please include detailed emails, itineraries, and/or schedules of events showing the dates, times, locations and numbers of attendees, along with their relationship to USF, for the events.
  • Staff Assistants will schedule an informational meeting with the coordinators in early November to go over Open House policies. There will also be a debriefing meeting after the open houses.
  • Each coordinator should communicate with other area coordinators to ensure event dates, times, and locations aren't overlapping.
  • When purchasing items for Open House events, please make sure vendors have copies of USF's tax exempt certificate available here.