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General Department Information and Forms

Book Order Form
Certification of Teaching Credentials Form
DocuSign for Electronic Signatures
Event Reimbursement
News Article Submission Form
Open House Information
Pro-Copy Orders
Psychology Building and Computer Access Form
Request for Approval of Greater than 9 Credits Form
Room Reservation Request Form
SG's Conference Presentation Grant Program (for grad students)
Travel and Purchasing
USF NetID/Computer Access Information
USF Print Shop Order Online
Paycheck and Tuition FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

Conflict of Interest/Outside Activity Reports: Students who are employed as graduate or teaching assistants can now file Conflict of Interest/Outside Activity Reports through the eDisclose system. This program is available through the person's MyUSF account via, and replaces the paper form that has been effect. The request for approval will be forwarded to the student's supervisor as listed in GEMS. As clarification, activities engaged in by students within the university (e.g., student committee memberships, student government service, etc.) do NOT require outside activity reports.


Graduate Assistant Handbook 2017-2020
International Teaching Assistant Handbook 2017-2018
Policy on Student Grievances
Psychology Academic Integrity Violation Referral Process
USF Graduate Studies Catalog
USF Insurance Policy Information

The USF Department of Psychology strives to provide a work and study environment for faculty, staff and students that is free from discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, marital status, sex, religion, national origin, disability, age, or genetic information, as provided by law.

Graduate Student Handbooks

General Academic Forms

General Graduate Studies Forms
Graduate Assistant Application
Registrar Office Forms

Evaluation and Progress

Clinical Progress Checklist
Clinical Self-Study Student Evaluation - 1st Year (DOC)
Clinical Self-Study Student Evaluation (DOC)
CNS Student Evaluation Form (DOCX)
IO Student Evaluation Form (DOCX)
IO Internship Completion Form (DOC)

Committee (Thesis/Dissertation)

Thesis and Dissertation
Graduate Studies Deadlines
New Master's Thesis/Dissertation Committee Form (DOC) (College)
Master's Thesis Committee Form (DOC) (Departmental Form)
Dissertation Committee Form (DOC) (Departmental Form)
Changes to Committee Form (DOC) (College)
Changes to Committee Form (PDF) (Departmental Form)
Request for Dissertation Defense form (DOC)
Dissertation Defense Announcement template (DOC)
Successful Defense form (Doctoral Dissertation)(DOC)
Thesis Defense Announcement template (DOC)
Successful Defense form (Master's Thesis)(DOC)


Permission to Register Form
Specialization Form (DOCX) (CNS Students)
Petition to Substitute Directed Research for Thesis or Dissertation Hours (DOC)
Request for Reduction in Registration Hours Form (DOC)
Course Waiver Form (DOC)
Tools of Research Form (PDF)


Procedures for Obtaining & Compensating Research Participants Within Sona's Participant Pool

Clinical Area

Clinical Competence, Progress, and Pre-Internship Evaluation Word™ | PDF
Clinical Placements Policy and Procedures
Request to Sit for Comp Exams Form (Clinical Students Only) Word
Clinical Comprehensive Examination Rules Word
Clinical Comprehensive Examination Guidelines
Clinical Student Extra Hours Request Form

CNS Area

Approval of the Plan for the CNS Comprehensive Exam/Major Area Paper Word
Certification that the CNS Comprehensive Exam/Major Area Paper Has Been Passed Word
Extra Hours Application Form Word

I-O Area

Extra Hours Application Form Word

I-O Comprehensive Exams Guidelines


Apply to Graduate (Doctoral Ph.D. degree Only)

Graduate Graduation Application (Master's degree Only)


Office of the Registrar-Residency Information

Departmental Listservs

All Listservs are moderated for content appropriate for the individual list, except for PSYChat.

PSYGrads (REQUIRED for all Psychology Graduate Students)

This listserv is designed for Psychology and Department important information and is moderated for subscription and content.

To subscribe:

Address emails to:

PSYChat (Optional for Psychology Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Colleagues)

This listserv is designed for faculty, staff, students, and colleagues to discuss psychology, non-psychology, or personal issues, and is moderated for subscription only, not content.

To subscribe:

Address emails to:

Area Concentrations (REQUIRED for Faculty and Graduate Students within each area)

The following Area Concentration listservs are REQUIRED for the faculty and graduate students within the area concentration.

To subscribe:

CL Psych -
CNS Psych -
IO Psych -

Address emails to:, or, or


The listserv is intended to distribute job announcements and position advertisements to interested USF Psychology faculty and graduate students. The list is moderated for subscription and content.

To subscribe: PSYJOBS List

Address emails to:

Alumni Listserv

IOPSYCHALUMNI (Optional for I-O Psychology Alumni)

The listserv is intended to distribute announcements to interested USF I-O Psychology alumni.

To subscribe: IOPSYCHALUMNI List


PSYUNDERGRADALUMNI (Optional for Psychology Undergraduate Alumni)

The listserv is intended to distribute announcements to interested USF Psychology undergraduate alumni.