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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

Academic Advising is by appointment only. To schedule as appointment, visit our website at

How do I declare Psychology as my major?

You may declare your major online through the College of Arts and Sciences website at

How can I get a permit to register for a Psychology course and how do I know if I need one?

To receive a permit to register you need to complete the Course Permit Request Form at

A permit is an electronic approval that indicates to OASIS that a student may register for a course. When the computer cannot recognize a pre-requisite (such as a course from an out-of-state or 2-year institution) on a student's record, he/she cannot register for those courses. The permit will allow the student to register for those courses. All students pursuing a minor in psychology are required to request permits for psychology courses. You should check your OASIS account to see if a permit has been approved for you.


Make a appointment through our website at Be sure to inform us you need an academic plan.

I have a hold on my registration. What does this mean and how do I get it removed?

The following are typical hold codes you will encounter:

  • OB means a remedial course is required
  • CC means Cash Collections. You owe money to USF. It could be past due tuition, parking fines or library fines.
  • IM means you have not turned in your immunization forms to Student Health Services. Their phone number is (813) 974-2331.
  • AA means that you are required to meet with an academic advisor.
  • AP means that you are on academic probation and must meet with academic advisor.
  • TL means the student has completed 36 or more hours of upper level class credits and not satisfied the College Level Academic Skills (CLAS) requirement. Registration is restricted to one and two thousand level courses. For a TL Hold Override please contact Kim Williams at
  • GD means that you have not completed 1 or more of the Life Skills Modules. Please visit the Blackboard Freshman Student’s Group to check your grade and see the modules needing completion.

What if I need a form signed?

Not all forms require an advisor’s signature. Forms may be obtained online or from the Psychology Department. Many may be obtained on the Registrar’s Office website,, listed under Forms on the right hand side of the page.

  • Cross enrollment/Transient Student Forms - If you are taking any non-psychology course at another school this form should be signed in the College of Arts and Sciences office (BEH 201). The cross enrollment from is located on the financial aid website,
  • Graduation Application - This form does NOT require department or academic advisor approval (even though the form indicates that it does). Take the completed form to BEH 201.
  • Grade forgiveness - Students should submit the grade forgiveness form to the Registrar’s Office when the new grade is posted.
  • ARC Petitions for late drop/add and Instructor’s Documentation forms - Once a student has the petition and instructor forms completed and signed, the student must obtain a departmental stamp from the department offering the course for a late add. Students can obtain a department stamp for Psychology courses from the 4th floor Student Services Area in the PCD building. Completed ARC petitions should be scanned and saved to a single Adobe PDF document and sent to .
  • Time conflict - Obtain a signature from both instructors involved in the time conflict and leave the form in BEH 201.

If I have a quick question, can it be answered over the phone?

No. Please email us your question to If your question is too complicated, you may be asked to schedule an appointment.

What if I need a certain class and it is not appearing on the class schedule search?

There are two reasons that a class would not appear on the schedule search:

  • The class is closed.
  • The class is not being offered that semester

What if a class that I need is closed?

If a class that you need is closed, you can periodically check on the OASIS class schedule search for an open seat. Someone is always dropping out for various reasons. If that doesn’t work you can always go to that class on the first day and try to get a seat. As first day attendance is mandatory for undergraduates, anyone not attending will automatically be dropped from the class rolls.

How do I do cross-enrollment or transient study, and what's the difference between the two?

Cross-enrollment means that you are simultaneously enrolled in at least 6 hours at USF and any number of hours at another institution. Transient study means you are attending another institution besides USF for an entire semester (you are not enrolled in any courses at USF while at the other institution). The forms for cross-enrollment and transient study are on the Financial Aid website,

How do I apply for graduation?

You apply for graduation by filling out the Bachelor’s Degree Application form which may be found on the Registrar’s website. Look under Registrar’s Office Forms. You may submit it in person to the College of Arts & Sciences in BEH 201. Remember, your advisor does not have to sign it.

I’ve applied for graduation. Now what do I do?

Successfully complete your last semester! Don't forget to register for the commencement through the commencement website, There you will learn where and when the ceremony will be held, how to purchase your cap and gown, etc.