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A student wishing to pursue a minor in Psychology will be required to take a minimum of 6 courses (18 credit hours). Students should declare Psychology as their minor using the online Minor Request application.

Please be aware that "double dipping" of courses between a major and minor is not allowed. That is, if you are using a course towards your major, you cannot also use it towards the psychology minor. If you have questions about this policy, please ask your advisor.  

For example: Health Science majors have PSY 2012 and a college level statistics as a part of their major requirements. To complete a Psychology minor, they are required to complete 6 Psychology electives (18 hrs total) that do not overlap with their major.

A minimum of 8 hours must be taken at USF and a 2.0 GPA in the minor is required.

The following courses are required for the minor and should be taken in sequence:

I. Introduction to Psychology (3 hours):

Students must complete PSY 2012 Introduction to Psychology with at least a "C" grade or higher.

II. Any College Level Statistics Course (3 hours):

Students must complete any college level statistics course with at least a "C" grade or higher (PSY 3204 Psychological Statistics is recommended).

III. 4 Upper-Level Psychology Courses (12 hours):

Permits are required for all courses except PSB 3444, GEY 4612, CLP 4314, and SOP 4702.
Students may obtain a course permit by completing an online course permit request form through the following link:

Students must complete statistics prior to taking any upper-level psychology courses or be concurrently enrolled in statistics and upper-level psychology courses (exceptions: PSB 3444, GEY 4612, SOP 4702, CLP 4314). If a student opts to take PSY 3213 as an upper-level course, statistics cannot be taken concurrently.

Choose any 4 upper-level psychology courses from the following list:

PSY 3213 Research Methods in Psychology (4)
PSB 3444 Drugs & Behavior (3) – no permit required
GEY 4612 Psychology of Aging (3) – no permit required
CLP 4314 Health Psychology (3) – no permit required
SOP 4702 Psychology of Gender (3) – no permit required
EXP 4204C Perception (3)
EXP 4404 Psychology of Learning (3)
EXP 4304 Motivation (3)
EXP 4680C Cognitive Psychology (3)
PSB 4004C Physiological Psychology (3)
CLP 4143 Abnormal Psychology (3)
PPE 4003 Personality (3)
DEP 4053 Developmental Psychology (3)
SOP 4004 Social Psychology (3)
INP4004 Industrial Psychology (3)
EXP 4640 Psychology of Language (3)
CBH 4004 Comparative Psychology (3)
CLP 4414 Behavior Modification (3)
CLP 4134 Abnormal Child Psychology (3)
CLP 4941 Community Pract. Mental Health (3)
IDS 4942 Community Internship (1-3) - must take 3 hours to count as a psychology elective.
PSY 4931 Selected Topics (3) – Topics vary each semester. Check the schedule search for current titles.

The following courses DO NOT count toward the psychology minor:

DEP 3103 Child Psychology
SOP 3742 Psychology of Women
SYP 3000 Social Psychology
PSY 4913 Directed Study